Mumbai University Question Papers
EXTC Engineering
Semester 7

Sem 2 (SE) to Sem 8 (BE) Syllabus (Choice Based) Download
Sem 4 (TE) to Sem 8 (BE) Syllabus (Choice Based) Download
Second Year (S.E.) SEM 3 & SEM 4 (CBSGS) Download
Third Year (T.E.) SEM 5 - SEM 6 (CBSGS) Download
Final Year (T.E.) SEM 7 - SEM 8 (CBSGS) Download

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Mumbai University Engineering Question Paper

Electronics & Telecommunication(EXTC) Engineering Question Paper

EXTC Engineering Question Paper

MU Electronics & Telecommunication(EXTC) ENG. Question Paper

CBSGS SEM VII Engineering Question Paper

CBCGS SEM VII Engineering Question Paper

Microwave Engineering

Mobile Communication System

Internet Communication Engineering - DLOC - III (ELECTIVE)

Embedded System - DLOC - III (ELECTIVE)

Cyber Security And Laws - ILOC - III (ELECTIVE)

Image And Video Processing

Optical Communication And Networks

Microwave And Radar Engineering

Data Compression And Encryption - ELECTIVE

Neural Network And Fuzzy Logic - ELECTIVE