Question 1: ____ are produced by chains of interaction of nature.


Question 2: ____ percent of soil is made up of inorganic matter


Question 3: _____ in water derived from the agrochemicals increses the risk of methaemoglobinaemia in infants.


Question 4: Man and Environement are ____ words that has occupied almost all spheres


Question 5: We can say that energy crisis is shortage to ___ supplies.


Question 6: Human development and _____ share many common goals and purposes.


Question 7: The breakthrough for the HDI was to arrive at a ____ statistic.


Question 8: Exposure to _____ radiation increases risk of catract and skin cancers.


Question 9: Cost Benefit Ratio is related to ____ cost of the resources.


Question 10: _____ is an important source of chemical hazard


Question 11: There has beean an enormous increase in the ____ demand for energy in recent years.


Question 12: ______ sector has emerged as a vital link for the development of world trade and commerce.


Question 13: ____ population in kolkata is suffering from different type of respiratory diseases.


Question 14: Mumbai,the commerical capital of india is the largest city in the country carrying a population of ____ million.


Question 15: Amount of the energy use is greater during the ____


Question 16: Fresh water availability will be a burning environmental issue in the ____ century in water scare countries.


Question 17: Man has almost transformed all natural stuffs into ____ resources


Question 18: The resources occurring only at few places are known as ____ resources


Question 19: Population has increased 6.5 times from 2 million in ____


Question 20: Rise in amount of carbon oxide emissions leads to ___


Question 21: Energy per captia consumption is half of the ____


Question 22: Producers are also called as ___


Question 23: _____ provides man his necessities comforts and leisure.


Question 24: Gas Rationing Plan in Iran of ___


Question 25: ____ of as in ocean as saline water.


Question 26: _____ are animals which can eat both plants and animals.


Question 27: ____ exports cotton


Question 28: The world happiness report 2016, which ranks ____ countries by their happiness level.


Question 29: The term environment is derived from the word____


Question 30: The most significant fact about the population of the world is its alarming growth in recent years which is known as ____


Question 31: All ecosystem are made up of ____ chains


Question 32: Environemental science is a comprehensive discipline of _____


Question 33: ____ from oil fields will run dry.


Question 34: _____ regions have remained economically backward.


Question 35: Combustion of coal and other solid fuels produces smok containing sulphur and many other ____ gases.


Question 36: They are cutting down forests, hunting wildlife in a reckless manner causing ____


Question 37: _____ is another major amenity that is essential for the existence of a city.


Question 38: Full form of HWI is ____


Question 39: The Earth is considered as a water planet as ____ surface is covered by water.


Question 40: ____ of the worlds living biomass is contained in the ocean.


Question 41: Early in ___ energy was relatively available world wide


Question 42: India has ____ rank out of 169 countries in human development in the world.


Question 43: Resouce can be classified in ___ groups


Question 44: Some of the exhauistible ressources are ____


Question 45: Year ___ declared as International Year of Freshwater.


Question 46: The price of petrol and diesel for cars and others vehicles ___


Question 47: In 1975 the total human use of water was about ____ cu km/year


Question 48: _____ revolution gave an unprecedented impetus to energy consumption.


Question 49: Full form of UHI is -___


Question 50: Full form of GDI is ____


Question 51: There are ____ oceans in the world.


Question 52: Water acts as a lifeline for all ecosystem of the ___


Question 53: By 1830 the world population was ____


Question 54: All material and non material things in the world are called ____ resources


Question 55: ____ play a crucial role in moderating the earth temperature.


Question 56: Environment holds the key in the _______ growth


Question 57: Radioactivity is associated with the risk of ____


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