Hall Of Fame
Contributors - QPkendra

Contribution is very important for QPkendra.com

As due to Crowdsourced and Open Internet data Availability it helps QPkendra.com to populate the data properly and provide it in a simple and easy to understand manner to our Visitors. We are a small team of people with large and growing Crowdsource members who provide us data.

As a token of our gratitude, we would be appreciating the people who contributed to improve the website and increase the data of the papers on the website. We would also like to thank the few websites who have made available the papers from which we have generated the data and presented it to the viewers.

If we have missed out someone thanks to them.

Special Thanks

1. Our Team-Members(Anonymous)
2. FreePik.com (Illustrations Images).
3.  Google Hosting (Resources Hosting).
4.  Twitter
5. Cloudflare
6. JSDelivr & CDNJS