Digital Business Management MCQ

Question 91 : bank

  1. chamber of commerce
  2. Small Business Development Center
  3. Insurance office
  4. Why are business plans used for potential investors and banks?

Question 92 : Availability

  1. Accessibility
  2. Reliability
  3. Scalability
  4. What consists of the identification of risks or threats, the implementation of security measures, and the monitoring of those measures for effectiveness?

Question 93 : which driver of digital business help in fast price comparison of product on the way?

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Mobile
  3. Big Data
  4. BYOD

Question 94 : Guarantee business survival

  1. Help test financial viability
  2. Ensure sales targets are met
  3. Not need to be referred to again by the business owner
  4. Making the beliefs, values, and behavioral norms explicit and intentional builds the __________ of an organization.

Question 95 : Target market

  1. The business idea
  2. Business aims and objectives
  3. Marketing mix
  4. In which section of the business plan would you expect to find details about the price the business intends to charge its customers?

Question 96 : Monitoring and facilitating customer– customer interaction and participation throughout the web to encourage positive engagement with a company and its brands. Interactions may occur on a company site and other third-party sites know as ___

  1. Inbound marketing
  2. Content marketing
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Door to door marketing

Question 97 : E-commerce

  1. E-marketing
  2. E-communication
  3. E-business
  4. The basic requirements for transaction security are

Question 98 : From following which is not example of Social Networking?

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. Amazon

Question 99 : Existing and emerging web technologies offering orgnization unprecedented opportunities to rethink strategic business models, processes, and relationships called as ____

  1. E-opportunities
  2. E-marketplace
  3. E-operation
  4. E-service

Question 100 : no data being available

  1. a lack of understanding of the process or benefits of business planning
  2. pressure on doing, rather than thinking, or gathering information
  3. the belief that strategic planning is for larger organisation
  4. The _________ analysis addresses the roles of the community, region, nation, and world in a business.
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