Software Architecture MCQ

Question 1 : The WWW is fundamentally a __________________ application

  1. peer to peer
  2. distributed hypermedia
  3. centralized hypermedia
  4. Ambiguous

Question 2 : Which of the following is not present in domain specific software architecture

  1. A reference architecture
  2. An application configuration method
  3. Hybrid data
  4. A component library

Question 3 : Which one of the following is not a stakeholder in a System’s Architecture?

  1. Users
  2. Vendors
  3. Testers
  4. Technician

Question 4 : A Software system architecture is the set of principle ____ made about the system.

  1. Design decisions
  2. Reference decisions
  3. Delegations
  4. Doubts

Question 5 : Which structure’s view is orthogonal to the module and conceptual view

  1. Module structure
  2. Calls structure
  3. Process structure
  4. Data Flow

Question 6 : Changing the deployment of a component during runtime is called___________

  1. Deployment
  2. Redeployment
  3. Adaptability
  4. Dependability

Question 7 : The full form of REST is

  1. Representational State Travel Style
  2. Representational State Transfer Style
  3. Representational State Transfer Signal
  4. Representational State Travel Signal

Question 8 : When a system evolves, ideally its_______________ is modified first.

  1. model architecture
  2. reference architecture
  3. prescriptive architecture
  4. descriptive architecture

Question 9 : Which of the following is not a deployment activity?

  1. Planning
  2. Modeling
  3. Execution
  4. Sentencing

Question 10 : The deployment of system architecture is ___________________________

  1. Placing system’s software on its hardware host
  2. Placing system’s hardware
  3. Placing system’s software on any hardware.
  4. Placing any system’s software on any hardware host

Question 11 : Domain-Specific Software Architectures encode____

  1. substantial knowledge
  2. meaningless knowledge
  3. insignificant knowledge
  4. insufficient data

Question 12 : A domain model is a set of artifacts that captures

  1. functions performed, its objects.
  2. functions performed, its objects and data that flows through the system
  3. objects and data that flows through the system
  4. data that flows through the system

Question 13 : An architectural perspective is a ___________ set of type of architectural design decisions

  1. Empty
  2. Non empty
  3. Full
  4. Redundant

Question 14 : An architecture_________ framework is a piece of software that acts as a bridge between a particular architectural style and a set of implementation technologies.

  1. Deployment
  2. Requirement
  3. Implementation
  4. Testing

Question 15 : Which of the following is not an architectural stakeholder

  1. Software developer
  2. Software manager
  3. End user
  4. Tester

Question 16 : Architectural erosion is

  1. The process of determining a software systems architecture from its implementation-level artifacts.
  2. Introduction of architectural design decisions into a system’s descriptive architecture that violate its prescriptive architecture.
  3. Introduction of principal design decisions into a system’s descriptive architecture that are not included in, encompassed by, or implied by the prescriptive architecture
  4. Executable modules are physically placed on the hardware devices on which they are supposed to run.

Question 17 : What is architecture View

  1. A subset of related architectural design decisions
  2. A superset of related architectural design decisions.
  3. A subset of non-related architectural design decisions
  4. A superset of non- related architectural design decisions.

Question 18 : Which of the following is not a Software Interconnection Models

  1. Unit interconnection
  2. Syntactic interconnection
  3. Semantic interconnection
  4. lexical interconnection

Question 19 : Domain specific software engineering requires organization & engineers to leverage different aspects of three inter related area: __________

  1. Domain, business and technology
  2. Domain, business and technique
  3. Domain, idea and technique
  4. idea and technique

Question 20 : Which of the following is one of the service provided by a software connector?

  1. Conversion
  2. Abstraction
  3. Encapsulation
  4. Data hiding

Question 21 : ___________ is proportional to the size of system, the number of constituent elements, the size and internal structure of each element and the number and nature of interdependencies

  1. Connectors
  2. Efficiency
  3. Complexity
  4. Dependency

Question 22 : Which one is not true about Connectors as Coordinators

  1. Control delivery of data
  2. Orthogonal to communication, conversion, and facilitation
  3. Separates control from computation
  4. Determine non-computation control

Question 23 : A system's ________describes how the system has been built, which is the as-implemented or as-realized architecture.

  1. descriptive architecture
  2. perspective architecture
  3. model architecture
  4. reference architecture

Question 24 : The four C’s of architectural analysis

  1. Completeness, Consistency, Compatibility, Correctness
  2. Completeness, Calculable, Compatibility, Correctness
  3. Completeness, Consistency, Compatibility, Calculable
  4. Completeness, Consistency, Calculable, Correctness

Question 25 : To Which view would the package diagram belong? Remember that a package diagram shows the packages that make up a software and how they are related

  1. Physical view
  2. Development view
  3. Logical view
  4. Process view

Question 26 : What type of class relationship can be read as “Object A contains Object B and Object B is part of object A”?

  1. Generalization
  2. specialization
  3. none
  4. aggregration

Question 27 : In a distributed system when two remote components exchange data, who is responsible for data transformation and transmission ?

  1. bridge
  2. client stub
  3. skeleton
  4. broker

Question 28 : The branch of study that deals with the computer system's conceptual design and basic overview is known as

  1. Computer Anatomy
  2. Computer Architecture
  3. Computer OS
  4. Computer interface

Question 29 : The address mapping is done, when the program is initially loaded is called

  1. Relocation
  2. Dynamic relocation
  3. Static relocation
  4. Executable relocation

Question 30 : Which of the following is Aggregation

  1. Expresses a part-of relationship and is a stronger form of an association relationship
  2. Expresses an is-a relationship and is a stronger form of an association relationship
  3. Expresses a part-of relationship and is a weaker form of an association relationship
  4. Expresses an is-a relationship and is a weaker form of an association relationship
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