Professional Ethics And Csr MCQ

Question 61 : According to Milton Friedman, he sole responsibility of business will

  1. The only social responsibility of business is to its shareholders
  2. Managers should act in ways that balance the interest of society and shareholders
  3. The primary responsibility organizations have is to its employees
  4. The primary responsibility organizations have*is to its *stakeholders

Question 62 : A form of utilitarianism that limits utilitarian analysis to evaluations of moral rules are

  1. Justice
  2. Rights
  3. Rule-utilitarianism
  4. Utilitarianism

Question 63 : An individual’s entitlement to something is

  1. Right
  2. Legal right
  3. Moral rights or human rights
  4. Characteristic of Rights

Question 64 : Which collaboration of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the TVS Group provides consultancy services and technical assistance on social development and CSR

  1. Centre of Excellence for Responsible Corporate Citizenship
  2. Centre of Excellence for Responsible Corporate
  3. Centre of Excellence for Responsive Corporate Citizenship
  4. Centre of Excellence for Responsive Company Citizenship

Question 65 : To be successful, business ethics training program need to:

  1. Focus on personal opinions of employees
  2. Be limited to upper executives
  3. Educate employees on formal ethical frameworks and models of ethical decision making
  4. Promote the use of emotions in making tough ethical decisions

Question 66 : Gases that absorb and hold heat from the Sun, preventing it from escaping back into space is called as

  1. Pollution
  2. Resource depletion
  3. Global warming
  4. Green house gases

Question 67 : A set of rules or instructions which identify specific and detailed actions that must be undertaken or avoided is called a:

  1. Chairman's report
  2. Code of conduct
  3. Mission statement
  4. Auditor's report

Question 68 : key to balancing legitimate business needs with the right to privacy, does not include

  1. purpose
  2. recipe
  3. consent
  4. accuracy

Question 69 : Which of the following general principle is not followed by corporation while practicing CSR:

  1. Companies should support the inclusion of the principles of the India Global Compact
  2. Companies should indulge in free marker practices, rejecting any illegal or fraudulent practice and implement effective mechanisms
  3. Mangers are not responsible to follow and encourage ethical business practices among employees
  4. Companies should encourage and facilitate communication and dialogue with its shareholders, investors, employees, Customers and suppliers

Question 70 : Which type of CSR includes securities regulations to labor law, environmental law and criminal law

  1. Philanthropic
  2. Economic
  3. Ethical
  4. Legal

Question 71 : The additional costs of resources that do not go into changing the product, but are invested instead in getting people to buy the product is called as

  1. product cost
  2. Selling cost
  3. Product price
  4. Additional cost

Question 72 : Which of the following is not a category of sustainability

  1. environmental sustainability
  2. economic sustainability
  3. social sustainability
  4. natural sustainability

Question 73 : Prices in the system of ----------- markets attract resources when demand is high.

  1. Perfectly competitive
  2. Monopoly
  3. Oligopoly
  4. Any Market

Question 74 : The four types of social responsibility include

  1. legal philanthropic, economic, and ethical
  2. ethical, moral social and economic
  3. philanthropic, justice, economic, and ethical
  4. legal, moral, ethical and economic
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