Distributed Computing MCQ

Question 601 : Another layer between distributed and network operating system is _________ operating system

  1. Middleware
  2. Interprocess
  3. Firmware
  4. Application

Question 602 : The ----------is the capability to dynamically change the bindings between code fragments and the location where they are executed

  1. code mobility
  2. process mobility
  3. Thread mobility
  4. object mobility

Question 603 : Positioning a node in an m-dimensional geometric space requires ___distance measures to nodes with known positions.

  1. m+1
  2. m
  3. m-1
  4. 2m

Question 604 : In this type of process resilence group, the processes are equal and the decisions made are collective.

  1. Hierarchical Group
  2. flat group
  3. IETF group
  4. Collected process Group

Question 605 : _____________ enables the migration of the virtual image from one physical machine to another.

  1. Visualization
  2. Virtualization
  3. Migration
  4. Virtual transfer

Question 606 : Middleware forms a layer between

  1. application and distributed platforms
  2. several individual computers
  3. application and client
  4. server and client

Question 607 : In ________________receivers never acknowledge the successful delivery of multicast message but instead report only when missing the message.

  1. Basic reliable multicasting
  2. Non-hierarchical feedback control
  3. Hierarchical feedback control
  4. Atomic multicast

Question 608 : The Ricart–Agrawala algorithm assumes that the communication channels are ___

  1. LIFO
  2. busy
  3. FIFO
  4. blocked

Question 609 : Andrew File system was designed by ___________.

  1. Mr. Peter Andrew
  2. Professor M. Satyanarayanan
  3. Professor James Andrew
  4. Google

Question 610 : DNS is an example of

  1. Continuous Consistency
  2. Causal Consistency
  3. Sequential Consistency
  4. Eventual Consistency

Question 611 : ______ determines to which node a selected process needs to be transferred.

  1. Storage policy
  2. Selection policy
  3. Transfer policy
  4. Location policy

Question 612 : Following is not a agreement to ensure consistency.

  1. 2PC
  2. 3PC
  3. Paxos
  4. P2P

Question 613 : What is common problem found in distributed system ?

  1. Process Synchronization
  2. Communication synchronization
  3. Deadlock problem
  4. Power failure

Question 614 : Web-based office suite supporting shared editing of documents held on Google servers.

  1. Gmail
  2. Google Talk
  3. Google News
  4. Google Docs

Question 615 : In which algorithm, One process is elected as the coordinator.

  1. Distributed mutual exclusion algorithm
  2. Centralized mutual exclusion algorithm
  3. Vector Algorithm
  4. Lamport algorithm

Question 616 : Message passing provides a mechanism to allow processes to communicate and to synchronize their actions ________

  1. By sharing the same address space
  2. without sharing the same address space
  3. by sharing the same process number and Process Identifier
  4. By sharing port number

Question 617 : Which type of parallelism makes use of multiple processing elements simultaneously for solving any problem.

  1. Parallel Computing
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Grid computing
  4. Network computing

Question 618 : A cache in which location is the easiest to implement

  1. Server’s main memory
  2. Client’s disk
  3. Client’s main memory
  4. Server’s Disk

Question 619 : ________________ provides programmers a familiar programming model by extending the local procedure call to a distributed environment

  1. Distributed environment
  2. Permanent procedure call
  3. Process and file
  4. Remote procedure call

Question 620 : ____ can be defined as a lightweight process, a part of process which is to be executed sequentially on one core

  1. method
  2. Thread
  3. virtualization
  4. client server

Question 621 : Traditional election algorithms fail in wireless networks because____

  1. They assume that message passing is transient
  2. They assume that topology of network changes
  3. they assume that message passing is reliable and that the topology of the network does not change
  4. They assume that message passing is unreliable and topology of network changes

Question 622 : ________ identifies the names of those enterprise-level networks around the world that are linked together via phone, satellite, or other communication systems

  1. Global Naming Service
  2. Directory Services
  3. CODA Files
  4. Andrew File System

Question 623 : What is interprocess communication?

  1. True
  2. communication between two process
  3. communication within the process
  4. communication between two threads of same process

Question 624 : In a distributed file system, _______ is mapping between logical and physical objects.

  1. client interfacing
  2. naming
  3. migration
  4. heterogeneity

Question 625 : Which algorithm requires "1 to ∞" messages to enter and leave a critical region?

  1. Token ring algorithm
  2. Centralized algorithm
  3. Decentralized algorithm
  4. Distributed algorithm

Question 626 : The Mekawa mutual exclusion algorithm requires _______ messages per Critical Section invocation

  1. 2N
  2. 2 √N
  3. 3N
  4. 3 √N

Question 627 : Two types of replication

  1. homogenous and hetrogenous
  2. parallel and distributed
  3. Active and passive
  4. simple and complex

Question 628 : In case of failure, a new transaction coordinator can be elected by _____

  1. Cristian's Algorithm
  2. Bully algorithm
  3. Both bully and Cristian's algorithm
  4. None of the mentioned

Question 629 : _____ is the key technique that is needed to achieve fault tolerance.

  1. Availability
  2. Redundancy
  3. Scalability
  4. Heterogeneity

Question 630 : In Dynamic Load Balancing, jobs are reassigned at the runtime, depending upon the situation, that is, the load will be transferred from heavily loaded nodes to lightly loaded nodes. In this case, Statement 1: communication overhead wont effect the system performance with increase in number of processors. Statement 2: since more information is collected by an algorithm in short duration of time, the algorithm can make better decisions State which of the following holds true:

  1. Statement 1 is correct but statement 2 is false
  2. Statement 1 is false but statement 2 is correct
  3. Both the statements are incorrect
  4. Both the statements are correct

Question 631 : Message passing system allows processes to __________

  1. communicate with one another without resorting to shared data
  2. communicate with one another by resorting to shared data
  3. share data
  4. name the recipient or sender of the message

Question 632 : A request, at the risk of server never execution is _________.

  1. Never Reissue
  2. Always Reissue
  3. Reissue a request on acknoledgment
  4. Reissue a request on no acknoledgment

Question 633 : Which of the following network is used to dissiminate information to its group members.

  1. Prior network
  2. Chief network
  3. Prime Network
  4. Overlay network

Question 634 : _________is often used for Web caches

  1. Numerical deviation
  2. Staleness deviation
  3. Ordering deviation
  4. Time deviation

Question 635 : What are the characteristics of a distributed file system?

  1. Its users, servers and storage devices are dispersed
  2. Service activity is not carried out across the network
  3. They have single centralized data repository
  4. There are multiple dependent storage devices

Question 636 : IPv6 address is

  1. 32 bits
  2. 48 bits
  3. 128 bits
  4. 16 bits

Question 637 : Full form of NTP is:

  1. Network Time Protocol
  2. New time Protocol
  3. New Timestamp Protocol
  4. Network Timestamp Protocol

Question 638 : Various Components of distributed systems are__________.

  1. client
  2. server
  3. server network links
  4. client,server, network links

Question 639 : If a process is executing in its critical section, ________

  1. any other process can also execute in its critical section
  2. no other process can execute in its critical section
  3. one more process can execute in its critical section
  4. none of the mentioned

Question 640 : The effect of a write operation by a process on data item x will always be seen by a successive read operation on x by the same process.

  1. Read-your-writes
  2. Monotonic-writes
  3. Monotonic-Reads
  4. Writes-follow-reads

Question 641 : Two clocks are said to be synchronized at a particular instance of time if the difference in time values of the two clocks is less than some specified constant. The difference in time values of two clocks is called ___________

  1. Clock Frequency
  2. Clock drift
  3. Clock skew
  4. Clock Ticks

Question 642 : Following algorithm proposes the concept of time server and RPC

  1. Lamport’s Scalar Clock synchronization
  2. Christians clock synchronization
  3. Berkleyclock synchronization
  4. Network time protocol

Question 643 : What is the mounting of file system?

  1. crating of a filesystem
  2. deleting a filesystem
  3. attaching portion of the file system into a directory structure
  4. removing the portion of the file system into a directory structure

Question 644 : How does the Quorum-based mutual exclusion algorithm reduce the message complexity of invoking mutual exclusion

  1. By having sites broadcast the request to all other sites
  2. By having sites broadcast the request to a central coordinator
  3. By having sites ask permission to a higher priority site
  4. By having sites ask permission from only a subset of sites.

Question 645 : What are the characteristics of mutual exclusion using centralized approach ? i. One processor as coordinator which handles all requests ii. It requires request,reply and release per critical section entry iii.The method is free from starvation.

  1. i
  2. ii
  3. iii
  4. i,ii and iii

Question 646 : An object acting as a gateway for the client side.

  1. skeleton
  2. stub
  3. remote
  4. server

Question 647 : Which one of the following is not true about NFS?

  1. Server- client Based Architecture
  2. Clientand Server Caching
  3. End users do not interact
  4. No Replication

Question 648 : In mutual exclusion, ‘no deadlock or starvation’is guaranteed by the property of ______.

  1. Serialization
  2. Liveness
  3. Safety
  4. Deadlock detection

Question 649 : State which of the following holds true for Load Sharing approach in distributed system Statement 1: It use Double threshold as process transfer policy Statement 2: It calculate CPU utilization to estimate the load of a node under load estimation policy

  1. Statement 1 is correct but statement 2 is false
  2. Statement 1 is false but statement 2 is correct
  3. Both the statements are incorrect
  4. Both the statements are correct

Question 650 : _______consistency provides consistency gurantees for a single client with respect to the data stored by that client

  1. Data-centric
  2. Client centric
  3. Eventual
  4. Entry