Distributed Computing MCQ

Question 901 : Which of the following should be satisfied for proper synchronization in distributed systems?

  1. prevention from the deadlock is must
  2. prevention from the starvation is must
  3. prevention from the deadlock & starvation is must
  4. Prevention from the livelock is must

Question 902 : Communication channels may suffer through

  1. protocol
  2. transport
  3. arbitrary failures
  4. reliable communication

Question 903 : Suzuki-Kasami's Broadcast Algorithm is an

  1. Non- token based algorithm.
  2. Token based algorithm.
  3. Centralized Based algorithm
  4. physical clock synchronization algorithm.

Question 904 : A sequentially consistent memory provides __________ semantics because all the processes sharing a memory location always see exactly the same contents stored in it.

  1. n-copy
  2. double copy
  3. one-copy/single-copy
  4. Three copy

Question 905 : A monitor is a module and monitor which of the following can encapsulates

  1. shared data structures
  2. procedures that operate on shared data structure
  3. synchronization between concurrent procedure invocation
  4. all of the mentioned

Question 906 : The remote method invocation __________

  1. Allows a process to invoke memory on a remote object
  2. Allows a thread to invoke a method on a remote object
  3. Allows a thread to invoke memory on a remote object
  4. allows a process to invoke a method on a remote object

Question 907 : Storing file in________ makes it permanently available

  1. Secondary Memory
  2. RAM
  3. Register
  4. DRAM

Question 908 : The file once created can not be changed is called ___________

  1. Rigid file
  2. REX file
  3. Immutable file
  4. Robust file

Question 909 : Which mutual exclusion algorithm works when the membership of the group is unknown?

  1. Centralized.
  2. Ricart-Agrawala.
  3. Lamport.
  4. Token Ring.

Question 910 : All the resources are shared and integrated within one OS, in the computing paradigm named _________

  1. Distributed computing
  2. Centralized computing
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Parallel computing

Question 911 : In distributed file system,XDR stands for?

  1. external data request
  2. External device request
  3. external data recovery
  4. External data representation

Question 912 : One process is elected as coordinator, which selects another process to perform the operation.

  1. Hierarchical Group
  2. flat group
  3. IETF group
  4. Collected process Group

Question 913 : Message passing provides a mechanism to allow processes to communicate and to synchronize their actions ________

  1. By sharing the same address space
  2. without sharing the same address space
  3. by sharing the same Process Identifier
  4. by sharing the same process number

Question 914 : Which of the following is not commonly used semantics for ordered delivery of multicast messages are:

  1. Absolute Ordering
  2. Consistent Ordering
  3. Casual
  4. Non- Casual

Question 915 : The name of a file doesn't need to be changed when the file's physical storage location changes is a feature of ____________

  1. Naming
  2. Location independence
  3. Location transparency
  4. Location dependence

Question 916 : Mapping of file is managed by ____________

  1. file metadata
  2. page table
  3. virtual memory
  4. file system

Question 917 : A Client centric consistency model which states "If a process reads the value of a data item x, any successive read operation on x by that process will always return that same value or a more recent value".

  1. Monotonic Reads
  2. Monotonic Writes
  3. Read your writes
  4. Writes your Reads

Question 918 : Which of the following is the Logical Clock Synchronization algorithm

  1. Berkley's Algorithm
  2. Cristian's Algorithm
  3. Lamport's Algorithm
  4. Bully Algorithm

Question 919 : A situation where several processes access and manipulate the same data concurrently and the outcome of the execution depends on the particular order in which access takes place is called ____________

  1. Data consistency
  2. race condition
  3. aging
  4. starvation

Question 920 : Writes done by a single process are seen by all other processes in the order in which they were issued, but writes from different processes may be seen in a different order by different processes is the necessary condition in --------

  1. Casual consistency
  2. FIFO consistency
  3. LRU consistency
  4. Optimal consistency

Question 921 : Which of the following variable wait within the to enable a process

  1. a condition is defined by a condition variable
  2. objects Boolean objects can be used by condition variables
  3. semaphore must be used
  4. all of the mentioned

Question 922 : In distributed system, each processor has its own ___________

  1. local memory and clock
  2. Battery
  3. Remote Memory
  4. Display

Question 923 : What is WPA?

  1. wi-fi protected access
  2. wired protected access
  3. wired process access
  4. wi-fi process access

Question 924 : What are the characteristics of fully distributed approach ? I. When responses are received from all processes, then process can enter its Critical Section II. When process exits its critical section, the process sends reply messages to all its deferred requests. III. It requires request, reply and release per critical section entry IV. One processor as coordinator which handles all requests

  1. I
  2. I and III
  3. III and IV
  4. I and II

Question 925 : Write the event of following notations:M ~P ~C

  1. A crash occurs after sending the completion message and printing the text.
  2. A crash happens after sending the completion message, but before the text could be printed.
  3. A crash happens before the server could do anything.
  4. The text printed, after which a crash occurs before the completion message could be sent.

Question 926 : Which of the following is not a classification of group communication?

  1. One to Many
  2. Many to one
  3. Many to Many
  4. Many to All

Question 927 : Which of the following do not belong to queues for processes?

  1. Job Queue
  2. PCB queue
  3. Device Queue
  4. Ready Queue

Question 928 : Network operating system runs on

  1. Server
  2. Every system in network
  3. Client machines only
  4. Inter- Network

Question 929 : To improve performance ----- approach is used

  1. Task assignment
  2. Load Estimation
  3. Load balancing
  4. Load sharing

Question 930 : A ________ system enables a distributed system to behave like a virtual uniprocessor, even though the system operates on collection of machines

  1. DOS
  2. NOS
  3. Middleware
  4. Operating system

Question 931 : Among the following option which is not main focus of Distributed System

  1. Availability
  2. Reliability
  3. Scientific Performance
  4. Resource sharing

Question 932 : What are the characteristics of transaction semantics?

  1. The users of this model are interested in the atomicity property for their transaction
  2. Suitable for applications that are concerned about coherence of data
  3. Easy to implement in a single processor system
  4. Write-back enhances access performance

Question 933 : which of the service offered by middleware is used to do query on the distributed objects?

  1. Messaging service
  2. Persistance service
  3. Concurrency service
  4. Querying service

Question 934 : Following is not replication model.

  1. master-slave model.
  2. client-server model
  3. peer-peer model
  4. head-tail model

Question 935 : A system in which the components of an information system are distributed to multiple locations in a computer network is known as

  1. database system
  2. networked system
  3. distributed system
  4. communication system

Question 936 : The variable that assures updates to a datastore are propagated to all local copies is ______.

  1. Release
  2. Acquire
  3. Read
  4. Write

Question 937 : What is NOT the characteristics of session semantics?

  1. Each client obtains a working copy from the server
  2. When file is closed, the modified file is copied to the file server
  3. The burden of coordinating file sharing is ignored by the system
  4. Easy to implement in a single processor system

Question 938 : A client calls a remote procedure, the client will block until a reply is returned called as

  1. Conventional procedure calls
  2. Interprocess communication
  3. Remote Procedure Call
  4. Message Binding

Question 939 : Two forms of distributed information systems are:

  1. Transaction Processing System and Enterprise Application Integration.
  2. Transaction Product System and Enterprise Application Interrogation.
  3. Transparency Processing System and Independent Application Integration.
  4. Transaction Processing Software and Enterprise Access Integration.

Question 940 : Which address is used to identify a process on a host by the transport layer?

  1. physical address
  2. logical address
  3. port address
  4. specific address

Question 941 : The holding (H) parameter in Raymond’s tree-based algorithm represents the process/node is _______.

  1. Holding token
  2. Executing critical region
  3. Holding information about node having path to token node
  4. Holding REQUEST messages for deferred replies

Question 942 : In which the access takes place when different processes try to access the same data concurrently and the outcome of the execution depends on the specific order, is called

  1. dynamic condition
  2. race condition
  3. essential condition
  4. critical condition

Question 943 : The following is the desirable feature of global scheduling algorithm

  1. Dynamic in nature
  2. Static by nature
  3. Cannot assure about that actual nature
  4. Uniform nature

Question 944 : You are synchronizing your clock from a time server using NTP and observe the following times: [4 points] a. timestamp at client when the message leaves the client: 6:22:15.100 b. timestamp at which the server receives the message: 7:05:10.700 c. timestamp at which the server sends the reply: 7:05:10.710 d. timestamp at client when the message is received at client: 6:22:15.250 To what value do you set the client's clock?

  1. 07:05:11
  2. 08:05:11
  3. 09:05:11
  4. 10:05:11

Question 945 : An email service is a typical example of messaging service, where a sender sends an email message to recipient.

  1. It never waits for a reply from the recipient
  2. it always waits for a reply from the reciepient before sending next
  3. it will always send the reply email message to the sender.
  4. it is a type of synchronous communication

Question 946 : ________enables users and application programs to complete their tasks despite the failure of hardware or software components

  1. Concurrency transparency
  2. Failure transparency
  3. Replication transparency
  4. Migration transparency

Question 947 : Cloud computing is type of

  1. Distributed embedded system
  2. Distributed information system
  3. Distributed Computing system
  4. Cluster computing

Question 948 : In ____ only one process at a time is allowed into its critical section, among all processes that have critical sections for the same resource.

  1. Mutual Exclusion
  2. Synchronization
  3. Deadlock
  4. Starvation

Question 949 : Select which is not type of group communication

  1. One to One Communication
  2. Many to One Communication
  3. Many to Many Communication
  4. One to Many Communication

Question 950 : RAYMOND'S TREE BASED ALGORITHM is an ___

  1. Non- token based algorithm.
  2. Token based algorithm.
  3. Centralized Based algorithm
  4. physical clock synchronization algorithm.