Human Machine Interaction MCQ

Question 651 : Which of the following is in the second generation mobile phone standard and technology?

  1. W-CDMA
  2. EDGE
  3. T-CDMA

Question 652 : Games are considered different from native applications because:

  1. Games cannot be easily duplicated with web technologies.
  2. Porting games to multiple mobile platforms is bit difficult than typical platform-based applications.
  3. Games provide a simple and easy way to create an immersive experience.
  4. Games use the similar platform SDKs to create immersive experiences.

Question 653 : Which of the following does not suits for Title bar:

  1. Clearly identify the source of the message
  2. Do not include an indication of message type
  3. Use mixed case in the headline style
  4. Compulsorily use numeric value

Question 654 : _______________ is described as a visual representation of a system/ website of hierarchy and can also be referred to as a structure chart.

  1. System Chart
  2. Putting information in expected places on the page
  3. Slide Chart
  4. Statistical Chart

Question 655 : ____________________ is a sub goal whose purpose is to reduced the differences, that is blocking the application of an operator.

  1. Final Goal
  2. Partial Goal
  3. Sub goal
  4. Operator sub goal

Question 656 : What are the advantages of direct manipulation?

  1. visually presents task concepts, easy to learn, encourages exploration
  2. visually presents task concepts
  3. easy to learn
  4. encourages exploration

Question 657 : The skin uses which of these receptors for haptic interaction

  1. Thermoreceptors
  2. Nociceptors
  3. Mechanoreceptors
  4. Audireceptors

Question 658 : The …………. application context is used for content and services that are heavily task-based and meant to increase the users’ sense of efficiency

  1. informative
  2. productivity
  3. Local
  4. utility

Question 659 : The feature of web page designing which permit people to review, change, and undo actions whenever necessary is known as:

  1. Tolerance
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Operability
  4. Flexibility

Question 660 : What incorporates data, architectural, interface, and procedural representations of the software?

  1. design model
  2. user’s model
  3. mental image
  4. system image

Question 661 : Statement 1: User selects an object Statement 2: User selects an action to apply on the object Which of the following best describes the statements above

  1. Design specification sequence
  2. User specification sequence
  3. Attribute specification sequence
  4. Interface specification sequence

Question 662 : It is the rich stories of the design

  1. pointer.
  2. Programs
  3. Criteria
  4. Iteration

Question 663 : Which of the following is not important in technological consideration in interface design?

  1. system power
  2. screen size
  3. screen resolution
  4. flow chart

Question 664 : Which of the following is the stage in Norman’s model of interaction?

  1. To draw design
  2. To form solution
  3. Establishing the Goal
  4. Correcting the action plan

Question 665 : ______ shares characteristics with both hardware and software

  1. Operating system
  2. Software
  3. Data
  4. Hardware

Question 666 : An __________ is the objects in a graphic or pictorial form

  1. Cascading menu
  2. Pop-up menu
  3. Tear off menu
  4. Iconic menu

Question 667 : ____ is tested for Expectations, Recognition, Learning and Legibility

  1. Icon
  2. Index
  3. Symbol
  4. Text

Question 668 : Which of the given statements correctly defines effectiveness in terms of one of the usability goals?

  1. It is a very general goal and refers to how good a system at doing what it is suppose to do.
  2. It refers to the way a system supports users in carrying out their tasks.
  3. It involves protecting the users from dangerous conditions
  4. It involves protecting the users from undesired situations

Question 669 : Scatterplots limit use to ___dimensional displays of data.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

Question 670 : Using similar sizes, shapes, or colors for related information and leaving less space between elements of a screen than the space left at the margins talks about which visually pleasing composition

  1. Irregularity
  2. Economy
  3. Unity
  4. Asymmetry

Question 671 : Layouts of a Web page may either be -----------------

  1. Potrait
  2. frozen
  3. landscape
  4. flowing

Question 672 : which is not Characteristics of Mobile 2.0

  1. The social web meets mobility
  2. Extensive use of User-Generated Content, so that the site is owned by its contributors
  3. Leveraging services on the web via mashups
  4. Confirm the path by teasing content

Question 673 : __________ refers to the relationship between controls and their effects in the world.

  1. Visibility
  2. Affordance
  3. Mapping
  4. Constraint

Question 674 : Generally, computer input in human computer interaction is -------

  1. Computer Output
  2. Computer Input
  3. User Input
  4. User Output

Question 675 : Which of the following OS only offers command line interface ?

  1. Windows 10
  2. DOS
  3. Linux
  4. Mac OS

Question 676 : Select the right order in which the layers in the Mobile Ecosystem are arranged.

  1. Operators, Aggregators, Platforms, Application Frameworks, Services, Applications, Operating Systems, Devices, Networks
  2. Operators, Platforms, Services, Applications, Operating Systems, Networks, Aggregators, Application Frameworks, Devices
  3. Operators, Networks, Aggregators, Devices, Platforms, Operating Systems, Application Frameworks, Applications, Services
  4. Operators, Aggregators, Platforms, Application Frameworks, Services, Applications, Operating Systems, Devices, Networks

Question 677 : Which of the following is not a design principle that allows the user to maintain control?

  1. Provide for flexible interaction
  2. Allow user interaction to be interrupt-able and undo-able
  3. Show technical internals from the casual user
  4. Design for direct interaction with objects that appear on the screen

Question 678 : Java, BREW, S60 comes under which layer of mobile ecosystem-

  1. Applications
  2. Application framework
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Operators

Question 679 : A well designed screen is developed within_____constraints imposed by hardware on which it is displayed

  1. logical
  2. physical
  3. user
  4. financial

Question 680 : The command line interface is used because:

  1. It is easy to understand
  2. It is demanded by DOS
  3. It is offered by UNIX systems
  4. It is powerful and flexible

Question 681 : Process of finding solution to unfamiliar task by applying previously acquired knowledge.

  1. Induction
  2. Problem defining
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Reasoning

Question 682 : Limo is _______________

  1. licensed Platforms
  2. open sourse platform
  3. OS
  4. website

Question 683 : ________ is always focused on the needs and expectations of users and makes navigation and interaction as easy as possible.

  1. Bad screen design
  2. Good screen design
  3. medium screen design
  4. High screen design

Question 684 : What is the fifth step in defining the requirements with respect to persona-based design?

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Identifying persona expectations
  3. Constructing the context scenario
  4. Identifying needs

Question 685 : Taking some real world concept to perform different tasks that represent some idea, inside the computer is type of________ .

  1. Direct Manipulation
  2. Generate and evaluate the design
  3. Central processing unit
  4. Indirect Manipulation

Question 686 : A mouse device may be _____________

  1. Static
  2. Augmented
  3. Electro-Chemical
  4. both mechanical and optical

Question 687 : Which of the following is not a characteristic of user interface design?

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Immersion
  3. Operability
  4. Obscure

Question 688 : Tiled windows are best suitable for

  1. Single task activities
  2. Switching between tasks
  3. Experienced users
  4. Tasks requiring lot of window manipulation

Question 689 : what do you mean by Wizard?

  1. audio information
  2. text file
  3. video file
  4. a structured set of screens that guides the user through a decision making or data entry process

Question 690 : ______________________ is the relationship between moving a control, and the results in the real world.

  1. Mapping
  2. Natural Mapping
  3. Natural Signalling
  4. Natural Design

Question 691 : To create applications, such as a game, a web browser, a camera, or media player. Which of the following option is applicable?

  1. Application framework
  2. OS
  4. website

Question 692 : what is GUI

  1. graph unknown Interface
  2. graph use interface
  3. Graphical user interface
  4. Graph using Interface

Question 693 : Which of the following is not the key feature considered towards creating a native application?

  1. Accessing the file systems
  2. Using Accelerometers
  3. Online users
  4. Using specific Locations

Question 694 : Which of the following is a true statement?

  1. Human-computer interface specialists are user-centered and software engineers are system centered
  2. Human-computer interface specialists are system-centered and software engineers are user-centered
  3. Human-computer interface specialists and software engineers, both are system-centered.
  4. Human-computer interface specialists and software engineers, both are user-centered.

Question 695 : A careful analysis and reflection of all the incidents or experiences is made. The meaning of an experience is stored in our brain.

  1. Visceral level
  2. Behavioral level
  3. Reflective level
  4. Lower level

Question 696 : In which of the following interfaces can the user focus on navigation and information

  1. GUI
  2. Web user interface
  3. Form fill
  4. Command line interface

Question 697 : The principles to support usability are _____________

  1. 80’s.
  2. effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction
  3. Storyboards, limited functionality simulations and warning about iterative design.
  4. throw-away, incremental and Evolutionary.

Question 698 : Similarity in Geslalts Principle refers to:

  1. mind groups objects together if they are near each other in space
  2. mind sees objects as belonging together if they share a common visual property
  3. completes a picture that is incomplete
  4. is equal on each side

Question 699 : BREW stands for

  1. Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless
  2. Bluetooth Runtime Environment for Wireless
  3. Bluetooth Range Environment for Wireless
  4. Binary Range Environment for Wireless

Question 700 : What is the possible problem while using a colour in interface-

  1. High attention getting capacity
  2. Unnecessarily very attractive
  3. Colour can be used for discrimination as well as harmony
  4. We normally have monochromatic screens