Human Machine Interaction MCQ

Question 351 : _____________is selection based control

  1. Tool tip
  2. Text box
  3. Radio Button
  4. Command Button

Question 352 : Which of the following is not a example of Native Mobile app

  1. Twitter
  2. LinkdIn
  3. Gmail
  4. Google Maps

Question 353 : Which is meant by assuming any two neighboring that are both edge pixels with consistent orientation?

  1. Canny edge detection
  2. Smoothing
  3. Segmentation
  4. None of the mentioned

Question 354 : Which application allows the registered users to communicate through voice using a microphone, video call using a webcam, and instant messaging over the internet?

  1. Skype
  2. Calendar
  3. Amazon
  4. CNN

Question 355 : Short term memory retains information for

  1. a few seconds up to about a minute
  2. a few hours
  3. a few days
  4. a few month and year

Question 356 : What is/are the main component/ components of User Interface?

  1. Graphical language
  2. Action language
  3. Hardware
  4. Presentation language

Question 357 : What the user interacts with is a collection of elements referred to as _______.

  1. Object
  2. Pointer
  3. Action
  4. User interface

Question 358 : Which is a disadvantage of Direct manipulation

  1. Consumes screen space
  2. Requires icon recognition
  3. May slow knowledgeable users
  4. Difficult to implement

Question 359 : They are the navigation controller/ commander of the user interface.

  1. CEOs
  2. Users
  3. Planners
  4. Navigation

Question 360 : Which one of the following is not the recommended value for gray scale?

  1. White
  2. Dark and Black gray
  3. Red
  4. Light and medium gray

Question 361 : Interface consistency implies that

  1. each application should have its own distinctive look and feel
  2. input mechanisms remain the same throughout the application
  3. visual information is organized according to the fancy of the designer
  4. input mechanisms change with the application

Question 362 : Which secondary window used to display the most common or frequently accessed properties of a current selection usually of a particular type of object.

  1. Property Inspectors
  2. Dialog Box
  3. Pop Up Window
  4. Palette

Question 363 : Which of the following is flaw in waterfall model?

  1. requirements change overtime
  2. maintenance can not be possible at the end
  3. testing should be done before requirements gathering
  4. requirements not changing with time

Question 364 : What Is Frequency of use in common information ordering scheme

  1. use grouping involves arranging information items in the order in which they are commonly received or transmitted
  2. use is a design technique based on the principle that information items used most frequently
  3. is based on the information’s importance to the user’s task or need.
  4. Information items are grouped according to their purpose or by some common parameter.

Question 365 : Which of the following is not true for Design Rational

  1. communication mechanism among the members of a design team
  2. design rationales for a set of products can be reused
  3. forces the designer to deliberate more carefully about design decisions.
  4. The usability of an interactive system is not dependent on the context of its use

Question 366 : Which of the following is not a basic categorie of the Smith and Mosier guidelines for design:

  1. User Guidance
  2. Data Entry
  3. Data Transmission
  4. Robustness

Question 367 : Ergonomics can be also called as……

  1. The development of design
  2. The study of the physical characteristics of the interaction
  3. Window design system
  4. Hardware environment

Question 368 : Heat supplied to the cathode by directing a current through a coil of wire is called

  1. Electron gun
  2. Electron beam
  3. Filament
  4. Anode and cathode

Question 369 : Which of the following is not the type of mobile application?

  1. Native app
  2. Hybrid app
  3. Web app
  4. Smart app

Question 370 : What is not part of importance of mobile application?

  1. Massive chance to grow E-business
  2. Easily meets the targeted customers
  3. Get official interaction with customers
  4. Paid advertisements for your job

Question 371 : In ___ response time is quite variable depending on transmission speed page content and so on.

  1. Graphical user interface
  2. Command line
  3. Web interface
  4. Direct manipulation

Question 372 : Which of the following is not the part of rules of the ‘Page Title’.

  1. Should possesses meaningful keywords
  2. Should be in multicolor
  3. Whose first word is its most important descriptor.
  4. That is different from other page titles

Question 373 : Overlapping windows are best suitable for

  1. Single task activities
  2. Switching between tasks
  3. Novice users
  4. Display contents are predictable

Question 374 : ______ is the process by which we use the knowledge we have to draw conclusions or infer something new about the domain of interest.

  1. Decision making
  2. Reasoning
  3. Problem solving
  4. Probability

Question 375 : A successful direct-manipulation interface must present _____________.

  1. A complex series of user choices.
  2. An appropriate representation or model of reality.
  3. The option for users to enter a long string of commands.
  4. Mixed metaphors so that users don’t become bored

Question 376 : _________ is used to make use of application efficiently and get satisfaction out of it

  1. Predictability
  2. Readability
  3. Usability
  4. learnability

Question 377 : By using capitalized words, the reading speed and accuracy

  1. decreases
  2. increases
  3. has no effect
  4. speed increases and accuracy decreases

Question 378 : Exploring how children talk together in order to see if an innovative new groupware product would help them to be more engaged would probably be better informed by a ______________.

  1. Usability testing
  2. Field study
  3. Predictive evaluation
  4. DECIDE framework

Question 379 : Interface Toolkits for Android mobile framework is

  1. JavaFX
  2. iPhone SDK
  3. Android SDK
  4. Mojo SDK

Question 380 : The second era, the ______ (1988–1998), represented one of the more significant leaps in mobile technology.

  1. Candy Bar Era
  2. Brick Era
  3. Feature Phone Era
  4. Smartphone Era

Question 381 : Which of the following is not a Model human processor?

  1. The motor system
  2. The perceptual system
  3. The memory system
  4. The cognitive system

Question 382 : A device such as mouse or trackball that enables the user to select objects on the display screen is known as ____ .

  1. Pointing device
  2. Windows
  3. icons
  4. Pointer

Question 383 : what is the use of task oriented help?

  1. to describe the procedural steps for carrying out a task
  2. to provide contextual information about any screen object
  3. to display the name of a control when the coontrol has no text label
  4. to present reference oriented/ user guide oriented information

Question 384 : Basic interaction is a single click which can cause extreme changes in context which may not be noticed in _____.

  1. Graphical user interface
  2. Web interface
  3. Command line
  4. Direct manipulation

Question 385 : Which one of the following is mobile design tool

  1. DOS
  2. JavaScript
  3. Windows
  4. Linux

Question 386 : Which of the following is not a user interface design process?

  1. User, task, and environment analysis and modeling
  2. Interface design
  3. Knowledgeable, frequent users
  4. Interface validation

Question 387 : In which system, the Shadow mask methods are commonly usedIn which system, the Shadow mask methods are commonly used

  1. Raster-scan system
  2. Random-scan system
  3. Horizontal Scan
  4. Vertical Scan

Question 388 : “Choose an object, choose an application” describes which of the approaches?

  1. Application oriented
  2. Object oriented
  3. Data oriented
  4. Action oriented

Question 389 : -------------------------- are an exception to Components of a Statistical Graphic.

  1. Pie Charts
  2. Bar Graphs
  3. Line Graphs
  4. Histograms

Question 390 : Open source platforms are mobile platforms that are freely not available for users to

  1. download,
  2. alter, and
  3. edit.
  4. distribution service for applications

Question 391 : Certain factors that help us to interact with graphical based systems is________ .

  1. Indirect manipulation
  2. File Handlers
  3. Indirect design
  4. Direct design

Question 392 : What is the approach that is taken in ergonomics to studying human factors in the workplace?

  1. Cognitive, affective and behavioural approaches
  2. The bio-psycho-social approach
  3. The training needs analysis approach
  4. The selection and assessment approach

Question 393 : The type of radio and antenna determines the capability of the ............ and the services you can enable on it.

  1. Operating system
  2. operator
  3. Application framework
  4. Network

Question 394 : Which of the following is odd one in terms of an example of application

  1. Games
  2. Web Browser
  3. Camera
  4. Palm

Question 395 : Which color is produced by RGB(255,255,0)?

  1. blue
  2. orange
  3. yellow
  4. magenta

Question 396 : Which design technique refers to... "the amount of information and tools on the screen need to be carefully considered. If there is too much information the user may not know what to do..."

  1. Uncluttered Screens
  2. Tip Text
  3. Labels
  4. None of the given

Question 397 : Tiled windows are best suitable for

  1. Single task activities
  2. Switching between tasks
  3. Experienced users
  4. Tasks requiring lot of window manipulation

Question 398 : Find the correct list of attributes which relates to user's knowledge and experience characteristics for designing interfaces. (i) Application Experience (ii) Attitude (iii) Computer Literacy (iv) Expectations

  1. (i), (iii)
  2. (i), (iv)
  3. (ii), (iv)
  4. (ii), (iii)

Question 399 : The system should speak the users' language, with words, phrases and concepts familiar to the user, rather than system oriented terms.

  1. Aesthetics and minimalist design
  2. Visibility of system status
  3. Match between system and the real world
  4. Help and documentation

Question 400 : Body movement tracking is

  1. Recognizing emotions visually
  2. Command and action scenario
  3. organized
  4. Eyes movement tracking